• The guide will include a comprehensive review of existing literature and resources on open source and Open Source Program Offices, including reports, articles, whitepapers, and books.

  • The guide will also provide a list of essential resources that organizations can use to further their understanding of open source and OSPOs, including online courses, webinars, and industry events.

  • Additionally, the guide will highlight key organizations and initiatives that are leading the way in open source and OSPOs, providing organizations with a network of resources and support as they navigate their open source journey.

This section will provide organizations with a comprehensive list of the existing literature and resources available on open source and OSPOs, making it easy for them to access the information and support they need to create and implement an OSPO successfully.

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Resources list (WIP)

SourceTitle and Link
Guide Concise Guide for Evaluating Open Source Software
Guide Concise Guide for Developing More Secure Software
Guide Guide to implementing a coordinated vulnerability disclosure process for open source projects
GuideHow to Create an Open Source Program
GuideMeasuring Your Open Source Program
GuideTools for Managing Your Open Source Program
GuideManaging Career Development within OSPOs
GuideContributing and Launching open source projects
GuideUsing Open Source Code
GuideParticipating in Open Source Communities
GuideRecruiting Open Source Developers
GuideStarting an Open Source Project
GuideImprove Your Open Source Development Impact
GuideShutting Down an Open Source Project
GuideSetting an Open Source Strategy
GuideMarketing Open Source Projects
GuideBuilding Leadership in an Open Source Community
GuideBuilding an Inclusive Open Source Community
GuideOrganizing and Managing Open Source Events
GuideCreating OS Commercial Ecosystems
ModelOSPO Maturity Model
CourseOSPO 101 Course
CourseBuilding Effective Open Source Programs
CourseOpen Source Management & Strategy
CourseOpen Source Community Management
CourseOpen Source License Compliance for Lawyers
CourseOpen Source Licensing Basics for Lawyers
CourseIntroduction to open source license compliance
CourseSecure Software Development Fundamentals Courses
WhitepaperA Deep Dive into OSPO Responsibilities structures and open source models
HandbookGood Governance Initiative
Mind MapOSPO Mind Map
StudyHow to Evaluate Open Source Software
StudyThe state of the OSPO 2018
StudyThe state of the OSPO 2019
StudyThe state of the OSPO 2020
StudyThe state of the OSPO 2021
StudyThe state of the OSPO 2022
StudyThe Evolution of the OSPO
StudyUnderstanding the Open Source Development Model
StudyArtificial Intelligence and Data in Open Source
StudyThe Business Value of the OSPO
StudyA Deep Dive into Open Source Program Offices: Structure, Roles, Responsibilities, and Challenges
StudyThe Evolution of the Open Source Program Office (OSPO)
Case StudyAutodesk OSPO
Case StudyCapital One - OSPO in regulated environments
Case StudyPorsche - OSPOs in Automotiv
Case StudyComcast
Case StudyDropbox
Case StudyMeta
Case StudyMicrosof
Case StudyNational Instruments
Case StudyPorsche
Case StudyRed Hat
Case StudySalesforce
Case StudySAP
Case StudyUber
Case StudyRochester Institute of Technology OSPO
Case StudyTrinity College Dublin OSPO
Case StudyJohns Hopkins University OSPO
Case StudyUniversity of California Santa Cruz OSPO
PresentationHow Government OSPOs Deliver Value for Citizens at Scale
ArticleThe Dutch OSPO
ArticleThe OSPO – A New Tool for Digital Government
StandardStandard for Public Code
Specification OpenChain Security Assurance Specification
SpecificationOpenChain ISO/IEC 5230:2020
BookThe Open Source Way 2.0
BookVM (Vicky) Brasseur: Forge Your Future with Open Source
BookEric S. Raymond: The Cathedral & the Bazaar
BookOpen Source Law, Policy and Practice (2nd edn)
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