Acknowledgements to Contributors

Each contributor has brought a unique perspective, making the OSPO Book Project possible. The contributor list below is updated with every new release and does not include organization affiliation. However, individuals can open a Pull Request (PR) at any time to add their names to the list if they have made meaningful contributions to the project. A maintainer will review your submission later.

  • Alin Jerpelea
  • Ana Jiménez Santamaría
  • Annania Melaku
  • Carlos Maltzhan
  • Chris Aniszczyk
  • Chris Xie
  • Christine Abernathy
  • Cornelius Schumacher
  • David A. Wheeler
  • Gergely Csatari
  • Gil Yehuda
  • Hiro Fukuchi
  • Ildiko Vancsa
  • Jiri Marek
  • Jonas van den Bogaard
  • Kate Stewart
  • Masae Shida
  • Masayuki Kuwata
  • Maurice Hendriks
  • Remy D
  • Rob Moffat
  • Seo Yeon Lee
  • Shane Coughlan
  • Shilla Saebi
  • Stephanie Lieggi
  • Supriya Ashish Chitale
  • Takanori Suzuki
  • Ulises Gascon
  • Victor Lu

If you would like to start making your first contributions, we recommend subscribing to the mailing list, read past meeting summaries in the message archive, and introduce yourself to the group.

Contributor list will evolve as new contributions arise. If you would like to be added to the list or be removed from the list, please open a new issue.